Larry Williams, MPA

Advisor to IPPAM Visiting Researchers
Former Chief Management Analyst of City of Los Angeles, Budget Process,
Government Finance, and Human Resources Management

Larry Williams is a retired Chief Management Analyst with the City of Los Angeles. In this role, he served for 17 years as head of administration for the City’s Bureau of Contract Administration supervising the Budget, Personnel, purchasing, information technology, timekeeping and liability claims process. At the time of his retirement, he was the longest serving administrative division chief in the City of Los Angeles. He was previously admin division chief in the Department of Telecommunications. Mr. Williams also served in administrative positions in the Police Department, Airports and the Department of Water and Power.

Larry received his bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration  He also has a Master of Public Administration from California State University, Long Beach.

Mr. Larry Williams is the research advisor to the visiting researchers from Kazakhstan on the topic of “Public Sector Financial Intelligence”. As their research advisor, Larry introduced the US government structure along with a field trip to the Independence Hall replica in Buena Park, CA. In his weekly meetings, he addressed the intricate structures and processes of government budgeting, financial reports, emergency management & budgeting, internal controls processes. Furthermore, leadership, HR, personnel training, and team management were also integrated into the curriculum. Lastly, Mr. Williams advises the Kazakhstan researchers’ on their capstone projects.