The program in International Public Policy and Management (IPPAM) offers an accelerated and innovative masters degree for experienced international professionals from countries outside the U.S. as well as for U.S. professionals working in global settings.


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IPPAM Program Director's Message

Rym Kaki, Ph.D.

IPPAM has been infused with the pioneering spirit of students who leave the safety and security of home, often in far away places, to embark on an adventure of learning. They come filled with hopes about how a global education will enhance them. They leave with even bigger dreams about how they will enhance their communities, countries, and perhaps even the world.

The faculty of IPPAM, anchored by their own global experiences and imbued with a dedication to empowering students, are the remarkable catalysts that fuel this transformation. All of this is nurtured by the devoted staff of IPPAM and many others in the Price School and elsewhere on campus who serve students with compassion, caring and sagacity.

About the International Public Policy and Management Master Program (IPPAM)

The Price School’s International Public Policy and Management (IPPAM) degree program is designed for international students, with a mission to ensure their professional and intellectual growth. It is a premier program for international professionals interested in working cross-culturally and cross-sectorally with colleagues from around the globe in an immersive environment.

In fulfilling its mission, the IPPAM program offers an intensive academic curriculum with a dual emphasis on public policy and applied management. IPPAM students represent a diversity of professions and have interests that span the public policy disciplines.

Concentrations for Professional and Career Development are:

Public Management & Finance

Environmental Policy & Planning

Transportation Policy & Planning

Housing Policy & Real Estate

Social Entrepreneurship

Data Science & Analytical Methods

International & Economic Development

Education Management & Policy

Health Policy & Management

Communication & Media

Nonprofit Management/Social Innovation

Public-Private Partnerships/Collaboration

International Focus

Rather than emphasize US institutions and issues, the IPPAM curriculum includes issues of relevance to countries in other regions, particularly Asia and the Pacific Rim, Middle East, Africa and elsewhere. Courses identify critical public policy issues in these regions, such as governance and governmental reforms, decentralization, community participation, environmental sustainability, globalization, and economic development.

USC Price School Notable Rankings (2022)

Best Public Affairs Schools in the U.S.

USC Price School is ranked #3 (tie) in the U.S. among 285 Public Affairs Schools

Price School Rankings for Selected Specialty Programs

#12 Best Global Policy and Administration Programs

#13 Public Policy Analysis

#7 Public Management and Leadership

#5 Health Policy and Management (tie)

#9 Local Government Management

#3 Nonprofit Management

#3 Urban Policy

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Arrival At IPPAM

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