Keren Zhu, Ph.D. Candidate

Policy Analyst at the Pardee RAND Graduate School,
Policy Researcher in RAND Corporation

Keren Zhu is a doctoral candidate at the Pardee RAND Graduate School and an assistant policy analyst at RAND. At RAND, Zhu specializes in program evaluation, performance measurement and qualitative research. She is experienced in operations, research and policy advisory related with China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) since its inception, and is a passionate pracademic and lecturer on program and policy evaluation, with special interests in infrastructure development in emerging markets and megaproject evaluation.

Prior to joining RAND, she worked as the international affairs manager at Research and Development International, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, where she worked on humanitarian and development policy research and the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. She conducted field research on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, and drafted reports for the central government. She was also involved in research on China-US relation and international cooperation. As a consultant for the International Labor Organization’s HQ in Geneva, she managed public private partnership project databases and evaluated project effectiveness. An anthropologist by training, she has fieldwork experience in China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Pakistan, Benin and Kenya. 

Zhu is also a translator and freelance writer, has translated a book on Japanese mentality named “Bushido: Soul of Japan” from English to Chinese and has many published articles in major Chinese magazines. Ms. Zhu holds a M.Sc. in social anthropology from the University of Oxford and a B.A. in English from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.